American Independent Businesses
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American Independent Businesses provides you and your new or existing business with a team of support services in Legal, IRS, Identity Theft Protection, Insurance Options & Plans, and ongoing technical support that includes promoting your business with a 4-page color website!  All of this is included in an affordable membership plan that becomes tax deductible.

Our small business services company will help you with debt collection, legal advice from the top law firms in the country, and review of your legal documents before you sign them.  Once you are a member, our service providers will even help you set up a new business as well as offer numerous other benefits outside your membership at a substantial discount.  This is the one service that will allow you to do what you do best, and leave the rest to us! Getting your business to run has never been easier. Our products reach over 1-million members, and growing rapidly. Prepare yourself for real change!  Get your Legal Shield Protection!

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American Independent Businesses

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